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Tasty and nutritious cookies. Every sachet contains 4 pieces (56 g.) with 7 g. of protein and just 215 Kcal. No refined sugar, refined flour nor artificial preservatives. FDA approved.

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Our cookie contains 3 times more protein than a regular cookie, providing  more satiety, which means no more peaks of insulin. By being the cricket one of the ingredients you can get all the essential amino acids, heme iron and vitamin B12. Besides, they are high fiber! Just one sachet provides 36% of your daly nutritional requirement.

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Galletas Gricha

15 pack, 85 pack

Nutritional information


Do you recommend to eat these cookies as a replacement of a meal?

  • NO, no dietary supplement must repleace the time of a meal. However our Grilletas provides sensation of satiety due to the nutritients such as protein and fiber it cointeins. 

A PWD can consume your cookies?

  • The daily diet of a person with diabetes depends on many factors like sex, age, life style, development of the desease, etc. Eventhough our cookies have low glucemic index ingredients, our recommendation is to eat healthy and balanced with a daily rutine of excercise.

If i’m on a diet, should I eat your cookies?

  • Daily diet must include healthy and balanced food. Our product is made with ingredients that provides essential nutrients, however its ingest must be balanced with the rest of your meals. Remember: Healthy is not equal to Low Calories.

Does your Grilletas have gluten?

  • Yes, we use whole wheat flour as an ingredient.

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